Vacumatic Tools

Vacumatic Tool

Removes both size pump/filters from vacumatics. These are nice when you have to apply heat to the tool to free up stubborn filler units

$40.00 ea.



Vacumatic Wrenches

Rubber handles - yellow handled one is for Maximas and Oversize., red one is for the other sizes.

$30.00 ea. or $50.00 for the pair.



Pellet Pusher

Very handy for installing the vacumatic pellet/diaphragm into the pellet holder. Machined out of aluminum.

$10.00 ea.


Vacumatic Repair Kit

1) Two wrenches for removing all sizes of filler units, colored handles lets you tell the  wrenchs apart at a glance         

2) 24 diaphragms - 10 Debutante/51, 10 Standard/Major and 4 Oversize/Maxima, or your own combination of 24.>

3) Pellet insertion tool. Makes life a lot easier when installing the sac.

4) Knock out Block and Punches.

Great Deal - $99.00


Vacumatic  Diaphragms

$1.75 ea.

100 and over - $1.50 ea.

Debutante/51's, Major/Std., Oversize/Maxima 



12" Vacumatic Breather Tube




Vacumatic Jewels

Jewel is 1/4" diameter - Major size.

$8.50 ea. or 10 for $75.00