Wood Bin is a platform that deals with relationships, marriages and families. It began its operation back in the year 2005 with the aim of being a guideline source to everyone in a relationship, to minimize the several conflicts faced in the society by those who are married as well as to solve the existing conflicts. With Catherine Caif being the manager of the platform, it has risen above the ranks and has been gaining a lot of support from the public looking at how it has been of much importance to them.

The idea of building the platform had not just come from nowhere. Catherina Caif had always spent most of her time reading stories that dwelt on relationships since childhood and even when she was in high school she came up with a project by the name ‘Relationship Empowerment for purposes of fighting for the rights of those who were engaging in a relationship. Her boldness enabled her to persevere the constant threats and disapprovals which she got from teachers and even other students. At times she even got suspended from school with the blame of corrupting the morals of the students, and she underwent through several guidance and counselling sessions. This, however, did not stop her.

When she later joined the university she formed another group, ‘The Power of Two Strong Hearts’ and now being that she was free, she went the extra mile and started engaging in competitions with other clubs. In the first competition, her group was considered among the top best, and they received an award and a promotion to go and participate in the project show at Oxford University.

Catherine Caif and Wood Bin

It is during the competitions in Oxford that the idea of Wood Bin came into existence. True to her expectations and determination, Caif’s team emerged among the top three best projects in the world, and she was awarded a Nobel Price first of all being that she was a lady and second being that her project was dealing a lot with the public interest. On that night of the award, she sat down with her team and came up with the opinion that they did not deserve anymore to work locally. She felt that they needed to attract the whole world’s attention.

She wrote a proposal to the director of the competition, asking for his support to enable them to create a platform that would solve these issues worldwide. With no hesitation, he agreed to their request and promised to give every kind of help which he could be able to. Within a year she had managed to come up with the entire committee which became active just from the moment of its establishment. Each and every member was conscious of his or her duty, and from that point, Wood Bin was on the move looking forward to becoming the best platform promoting socialism and peace within relationships.

Woodbin platform

Wood Bin platform has been receiving several cases from several people all over the world who are facing problems within their relationships, be it from internal or even the external forces and in the history of our operations, there are no cases which have been rendered as a failure. The organization is full of specialists in guidance and counselling, with Caif being the mastermind of counselling. We have also been holding several live sessions, and with support from Grand Mondial casino the best place for Blackjack and Roulette, we have always had venues where we could conduct our live sessions for free. This privilege we got since the director of the competitions which are held in Oxford is a good. Go toRelationships